Thursday, May 6, 2010

Announcements This Week


This Week

Thursday, May 6th and Friday, May 7th
*5:30-8:00pm--> The Christiansen's need help cleaning their apartment. If anyone could just come for an hour, that would be awesome (Friday at 9:00am).

Saturday, May 8th
*9 am--> The Blatnick's (Apt. 233) are moving and could use some help.
*12-2pm--> End of the Semester Relief Society Activity (Lunch will be served at 12pm with workshops to follow; Babysitting is provided! I hope to see you all there!)
*6pm--> Tony Lee's Baptism (Please come show your support to the Lee family by participating in this wonderful event. I hear there will be Korean food served following the baptism!)

Sunday, May 1st
*11:00am--> Missionary Correlation (Ward Missionaries ONLY)
*1:00pm--> Sacrament Meeting
*2:20pm--> Sunday School. To prepare, please read Lesson #16 for the Old Testament class and Lesson #15 for the Marriage and Family Relations class.
*3:10--> Regular Relief Society Meeting. To prepare, please read Chapter 9 "Prophets of God" in your Gospel Principles manual.

Coming Up

Tuesday, May 11th
*7:00am--> Ward Cannery Assignment (Location: Murray Cannery [4373 South Main St.]; Our Ward has been asked to supply the Murray Cannery with 10 individuals. Those who wish to serve, please contact me ASAP. Thanks!)

Wednesday, May 12th
*6pm--> Ward Activity / Service Project (Please invite all friends and neighbors in our courts to help us paint the amphitheater and have a barbecue.)

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