Monday, May 10, 2010

Invitation From Stephanie

Since this Sunday we will be having our missionary moment, we are all invited to bring someone to higher ground by sharing with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I testify and promise with all my heart that the Lord will provide an opportunity for us to share with someone this wonderful Gospel. Remember missionary moments do not have to be long and draw-out expressions of testimonies. As Elder Ballard says, we should reach out and share with others the basic information of the Church and sometimes the best way is by how we live, how we radiate the joy of the gospel in our lives, how we treat others, and how sincerely we follow the teachings of Christ (Faith, Family, Facts, and Fruits, Conference Address, October 2007). I know we all will have missionary experiences if we just look for the opportunities. Good luck and I look forward to hearing our experiences on Sunday!

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